Ruining All My Branding
Cyber Security professional and actual detective. True crime blogger and kicker of @.
30 Photos Deleted from Gallery — Click here to restore and scan for virus [URL]

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30 Photos Deleted from Gallery — Click here to restore and scan for virus [URL]

Do not click the link, report the spam to 7726 (see below).

Yup, This is a Scam.

I’ve been getting a series of spam text messages from various phone numbers, likely compromised devices, all seem to be from AT&T in…

There is a Massive Spam Campaign out of Namecheap

Namecheap’s bulk update function [Edited for this article]

Namecheap protects the scammers in the name of profit. The hosting providers keep taking down their infrastructure when reported, but for the scammers, updating the DNS is as easy as selecting three menu items within Namecheap’s bulk update function.


I don’t normally publish emails and phone numbers because often times due to innocent victims, or if these are compromised accounts. Also I don’t want some noob going to the URLS, or responding to the emails, or clicking the links. So, to start with this article, don’t do that.


Guilty of Something, but not Murder

William M. Yoder, also known as William Jacob Yoder, was born in Indiana around June, 1855. He married a woman named Nancy, and they had four sons: Everett Allen Yoder, John Max Yoder, James Marion Yoder and the youngest, Purtle Edward Yoder. William Yoder was known as a family man…

An image made from the main html site for yours truly.

Yes, spammers are yet again sending text messages that use code and redirects to forward users to additional pornography sites that manipulate browser state, read browser history to ultimately collect personal and financial information.

The Text Message & Initial Domain

An image created by yours truly for this article.

The Text Message

A text message came in stating: I’m Nicole, also provide 0nline servicesHere4meet>>

The same group has been seen before in other articles I’ve written:

  1. Scammers using .US TLD to Spam Pornography
  2. A Single Porn Text Message (spam)
  3. Obliterated Gross Porn Text Message (spam)
  4. See auto-updated list here.

This is…

Spam Porn

Everyone I know usually receives, and also super dislikes, these text messages. Most AV Vendors have already marked some of these domains as malicious, and to work around that scammers are getting clever about not serving the same content, and also, a large redirect chain that usually halts the analysis…

I am obsessed with the thought of making natural dye, and in ancient times, spinning your own cloth and dying it using natural materials was common-place. I do not have anything of my own to dye currently such as wool or cloth or some kind of linen, but I have…

Ruining All My Branding

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