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Ruining All My Branding
Cyber Security professional and actual detective. True crime blogger and kicker of @.

In 1903, the spirited 21-year-old Mabel Bechtel was horrifically murdered and during the trial, prosecutors introduced the first use of blood tests within the United States. This story is rich in lessons, including a prosecutor’s grave mistake in giving the probable murderer immunity based on faulty blood evidence.

Mabel Bechtel, image edited for this article (3)

The Life of Mabel Bechtel

Mabel was a ‘‘remarkably handsome’ young girl trapped in a cycle of domestic violence and societal expectations, but she yearned for a better life (13). Newspapers reported that she was “free in her general behavior” refusing even to wear a corset which definately defied standards of the day (47). She had two loves, the fiance her family wanted her to marry, and a man who she loved deeply despite the objections of her family. She was a working class girl of the day in a time when women were rarely educated or left the home (according to sources of the…

I Regret Signing up for an Offerup Account

Sadly circular Help Documents at Offerup.

Deactivation Vs Deletion

Offerup is an app that one can use to buy and sell used goods, but their lack of accountability for their own services is one reason why I dislike ever having signed up for an account. I don’t trust their business model as they seem to be more of an information gathering platform rather than a seller/buyer platform. Too much data is gathered, and shared, with third parties. There is no option to delete your account either. Deactivation and delete do not have the same legal definition. …

Disable Linkedin for awhile.

Yes, it is possible! Despite documentation from Linkedin saying there is not!

Fact: Linkedin Help Articles are just as Outdated as Microsoft Docs

Emma LeDoux at age 29- Note I had to repair the image (3)

Time after time, historical sources paint a picture of a black widow, and modern audiences consuming the story with no question. Here, we objectively review the evidence and let her story tell itself.

The Early Life of Emma Theresa Cole (LeDoux)

A lifetime of imbalance fueled William Hickman’s petty crimes, and he graduated to murdering a small girl. It took an entire nation to stop him. The grace and eloquence in which her family bore the pain of their loss speaks louder than Hickman’s crimes. This is the story of Marion Parker’s death,and how a murderer was stopped before committing more crimes. The investigation of this tragedy was legendary, and influenced the use of fingerprints formally for investigations in California and nation-wide.

Marion Parker

Marion Parker, a year before her abduction (source). Edited.

Marion Parker was born October 11th, 1915 in Los Angeles to Perry M. and Geraldine Parker. She had a…

Of course, what drew me to this story were the names involved (Terribile + Coffee), but puns aside this was a fairly serious crime; thus I will do research to shed more light to the story to provide an interesting read.

New Haven Gasworks Company

Irish American Workers circa 1900 (source)

In the 1890’s cooking stoves, water heaters, street lights and industrial equipment were powered by gas works plants, as seen in the New Haven Gasworks Company, which first began as a public utility in 1847. The majority of the labor at the New Haven Gasworks plant were likely Irish Immigrants. In the 1840’s many Irish immigrants arrived on the…

Good news for those scammed out of money by the University of Phoenix during 2012 to 2016.

Still from the University of Phoenix advertising campaign that included false advertising

False Advertising

Sometimes there really are no words. As I do research for other things, publications in a newspaper move me, and I had to create a publication just to keep them separate to the rest of my work.

Image created by me. Copyright 2021, all Rights Reserved.

In 1916, some religious sects around the country were teaching their children that the world is flat. In certain areas, the state intervened. This article is not meant to be commentary on the right to have religious views, only on the fact that I had no idea this was a thing until researching a true crime article for Internet Archaeology.

The Emails

I have received two of these emails in the last week or so. The mechanisims within are not complex, thus I feel comfortable blogging about them ;) because cyber security.

Good Day,How are you doing today? I have not heard from you regarding the 1 Million Euro that was donated to you from our personal family donation as our covid -19 palliative reliefAn email was sent to you but there has not been any response from you, do get back and let us know if you did get the email that was sent to you.Awaiting your Urgent…

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